The 4 Metrics That Matter in Event Measurement

We understand that every company is unique and that your program might have a set of distinct objectives that are unlike any other business. That said, we have a perspective on what most companies should be focused on when it comes to business-value driving event metrics.

Here are the four areas you need to measure to demonstrate business value and event quality:

Pipeline opportunity

Rather than trying to measure ROI (which we believe is virtually impossible for event marketing), focus on evaluating how the event affected sales opportunities. Events are opportunity creators – getting prospects interested in products and expanding product consideration with existing customers. It’s then up to sales to nurture and convert these opportunities, but the event team can be held accountable for bringing these opportunities to the table.

Brand Perception

Events are brand experiences, and event attendees are likely to think differently about your company after their interaction at an event. Because people tend to buy more from brands they like and respect, it’s important to recognize and measure the impact of the event on brand perception.

Relationship Strength

When we ask people to rank the reasons why they attend events, networking always rises to the top. Event marketers know that enormous impact comes from the human interaction that occurs at an event – and that stronger relationships can result. This event metrics evaluates the event’s effect on the quality and strength of relationships, particularly with existing customers.

These three event metrics are critical indicators of the business value that an event can create.

Measurement is also crucial for evaluating the quality of your events. This fourth metric is designed to reflect that goal:

Quality of the experience

Capturing data against the quality of attendee/visitor experiences is paramount for identifying areas for improvement. Use this metric to evaluate whether your content, staff, the design, and other elements are delivering upon attendee expectations, and identify areas where you can make improvements.

Posted by Lisette Sheehan | Request as a Speaker

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