Tech EM: 3D Bus Stop Illusion

December 17, 2014 | Event Technology

There are many different types of marketing tactics but one thing that they all have in common is the want to leave an impression on customers. Marketers have been creating show stopping project maps and interactive displays but now they are combining these ideas to create engaging digital experiences. Pepsi Max produced a video of a 3D bus stop illusion that shocked people on the streets of England.

Pepsi went in and decked out a bus stop in England. They set up a a large screen on the inside of the bus stop wall that played a live feed image of what was happening on the other side. This made the people in the bus stop think that they were looking through a window. However, a computer would overlay fantastical images of space aliens, tigers and meteors to astound the unsuspecting commuters. A film crew capture the commuters reactions.

This Live for Now Pepsi campaign was for their zero calories drink which had the slogan 'Unbelievable'. They created this video to show the "Unbelievable nature of this drink". The video was originally posted in 2014 and now has over 7 million views. The success of this bus stop illusion shows companies that augmented reality can be used both creatively and practically. It adds an experiential component to their marketing program, whether it is in-store or at an event.

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