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May 28, 2015 | B2C Consumer Activations


With grilling season officially underway, there are plenty of people in need of some barbecue expertise. And when it comes to barbecue experts, the people over at Weber have it covered. Starting in June, the Weber Grill Academy Mobile Tour will offer consumers grilling education within the program's three custom built trucks.

The mobile tour was initiated last year but was primarily focused on targeting and training big box retail associates from places like Home Depot and Lowe's. These associates were offered three to five 90-minute training sessions per week that they could transfer into valuable sales material for customers. To bolster the double digit sales success of its retail associate training, Weber is now also focused on engaging with consumers directly.

How it works:

The 53-foot expendable trailers will serve as both classrooms and dining rooms for customers who sign up online for the cooking classes. Customers will have an instructor-led class inside the trailer, followed by hands-on grilling of a full-course meal outside. The students are then led back inside to feast on their savory classwork. To add to the experience, the trailers will be parked around high-profile venues.


Community building:
By bringing the Weber Grill Academy experience to customers, Weber is creating a community around outdoor cooking and grilling but centered around its products. Customers can get answers directly from experts, share recipes, and get a taste of their hard work, all in a setting that has Weber's name all over it.

Because Weber is providing a classroom setting, customers are more likely to talk about what they like and dislike about the tools they're using. Weber instructors will receive immediate feedback from target customers that they can report back to their sales and production teams. With quick feedback, Weber can improve things just as fast.

Improved Sales Cycle:
Students of the Weber Grill Academy have spent a solid amount of time learning about grilling but more importantly (at least on the sales side), test driving Weber products. Armed with experience, customers can now go into a store and know exactly what they want, speeding up the sales cycle. Retail associates still have to provide stellar customer service but the legwork was done before the customer walked into the store.

By combining retail training with consumer cooking courses, Weber places itself as an expert on both sides of the business and not just in the short term. The content that's created for these courses is available online at Weber Nation in the form of recipes and short "Grill Skill" videos that will have consumers engaging with the brand long after they've graduated.

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