3 Reasons to Include Events in Your Marketing Strategy


According to the 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report by Content Marketing Institute, in-person events tops the list of most effective B2B marketing tactics. Here are three reasons why event marketing is effective and why it should be included in your overall marketing strategy.

Generate Brand Awareness

While increased sales is always a marketing strategy objective, 73% of marketing professionals surveyed by The Event Marketing Institute cited brand awareness as the number one goal of event marketing.

Build Offline Relationships

For any brand, the level of customer engagement and loyalty needs to remain high in order to be successful. Events provide brands with the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with clients and prospects leading to more authentic personal relationships.

These personal relationships are a great way to get the immediate feedback and engagement a brand needs to improve its products/services and its overall customer experience. Whether it's conducting informal surveys or holding product tests on-site, event marketing provides the right atmosphere for brands to learn from their consumers.

Increase Return-on-Opportunity (ROO)

Because it's easier to gauge attendee experience at an event versus a prospect's experience somewhere online, it becomes easier to evoke and nurture positive feelings. These positive feelings will usually lead to interested prospects, increased referrals and overall positive buzz.

While it's difficult to measure event success in a purely financial manner (ROI), event marketing gives the best return-on-opportunity. Tying events to sales is tough but linking events to an increase in brand recognition should be a given. Events also act as a platform for brands to qualify prospects into leads which can then be given to the sales team to close.

If a brand wants to physically get in front of their customers and prospects, increase positive buzz, and receive immediate feedback, then event marketing is the perfect route to choose. But like other marketing channels, it works best as part of a larger holistic business strategy that integrates advertising, content marketing, social media and proper sales nurturing.

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