We understand how critical it is to normalize new safety guidelines into everyday life. As experiential experts, Sparks helps you navigate this new normal. We understand the purposeful use of physical space: spatial strategy, architectural cues, traffic flow, signage and wayfinding, contactless digital technologies, and more.

With a growing list of proven COVID compliance and physical distancing strategies, we help you quickly and safely evolve your experiential programs and/or prepare for your employees return to the workplace.

Now let’s get you back to business.

The New Work Environment.

Custom strategies to reopen your offices and customer spaces in compliance with physical distancing guidelines.

  • Simple and easy to follow solutions that put safety first
  • Spatial strategies, safe distance markers and traffic flow routing
  • Communal and public space configurations
  • Workstation layouts and supplies to help each employee work safely
  • Contactless digital signage and interactives
  • Signage, sanitizing stations, and more

For more information about New Work Environment Strategies, email backtobiz@wearesparks.com.

Partition Shields and Sneeze Guards.

Physical barriers that allow for face-to-face interaction while maintaining a safe separation of personal space.

  • Partial or full body shields
  • Full range of standard sizes
  • Portrait or landscape layouts
  • Custom designs, configurations and branding options
  • Installation services

For more information about Partition Shields and Sneeze Guards, email backtobiz@wearesparks.com.

A New Take
on Mobile

As we move towards live, brands can go direct to audiences with targeted mobile and regional events. Customer or rentable options to quickly and safely reconnect with your target audiences.

  • Rental units in varying sizes
  • Endless branding and customization options
  • Provides smaller, safer engagements
  • Physical distance compliant
  • Allows you to target specific audiences

For more information about going Mobile, email backtobiz@wearesparks.com.

Experiential Considerations.

Strategies for addressing new government, venue, or show specific regulations related to COVID compliance.

Develop new or evaluate existing designs taking into consideration:

  • Traffic patterns, entry and exit points
  • Spacing, space markers and signage
  • Partitions and shields
  • Hands-free and/or gesture-based digital engagements
  • Voice-based vs. touchscreen technologies
  • Contactless PPE, collateral or product distribution
  • Hand sanitizing and/or sterilization stations
  • Sensor tracking and contactless data collection
  • Air quality and temperature readers
  • So much more…

For more information about Experiential Considerations, email backtobiz@wearesparks.com.

Virtual and Digital Event Experiences.

Strategies for migrating live experiences to digital ones.

  • VIRTU - Proprietary event platform with dedicated event spaces, sponsorship integration, sessions, breakouts, engagement tools and more
  • VIRTU 3D - Static trade show environment for content hot spots within a traditional website experience
  • Virtu 360 - Immersive realtime 3D environments with live or self-guided tours
  • Full Service Event Production
  • Content Development & Production
  • Live, Simulive, or On Demand Options
  • Unique 3D World Designs
  • Realtime Gaming Platforms
  • Product Demo Visualizations
  • Gamifications & Incentives
  • Analysis, Measurement, & Metrics Programs

For more information about Virtual and Digital Event Experiences, email backtobiz@wearesparks.com.